I joke about being a Gemini more than some people might realize. Do I believe in Astrology, the signs, and all that? Not really, but kind of. I admit, the sign of the Gemini does sound a whole lot like me. I’ve grown fond of the term Gemini and being a representative of that group. It’s difficult to explain. Hence, that Gemini side of me coming out.

As a practical science that currently fits in with all the other sciences studied, astrology is not one of them. But as something we don’t grasp, can’t prove one way or the other, a pseudoscience, or just out there; yes, I think there is something to it. Kind of like telepathy or empathy, the idea that we only use 10% of our brain, all these maybe, maybe not, concepts. Heck, if we can worship a god, or any other unseen deities, then why is astrology such a stretch?

I have other topics I want to write about, and this one really crosses into many of those. Aliens, ghosts, religion, and a host of other things that some consider fake or not real. I think that once someone starts to ponder anything considered a stretch in to real science, perhaps how we, as a living being, can have so much emotions, how we can think and create beyond some very basic tools, that we can have so many languages on our planet and yet find a way to communicate despite the differences, can war over more than just land or property based on what someone says, or anything else you just don’t find in almost any other animal on our planet, at that point you have to admit that something unique has transpired to evolve us to this higher plane of awareness?

In sci-fi isn’t that the point where we define what is sentient and worthy of protection, communication, or real fear?

Religion, that belief that there is a higher being out there, that does fit well for some. That rabbit hole we can follow later. For me, my answer is simply; we don’t know why we have taken several steps beyond any other type of evolution on our planet. And with that, the idea that astrological signs identifying a person’s personality based off how the stars are aligned (a very rough synopsis of Astrology), could be just as valid as to believing in an almighty God, or other alien races in the universe.

Putting all that aside, I think there is something to what is considered astrology, and though I don’t think it is as mystical as some say, the idea that being born in certain times of the year, could help sway how someone’s personality may develop over time. For instance, as a child, June is traditionally a warmer, more carefree time of year as we are typically closer to the sun, our position in the solar system is somewhat different. People enjoy being outside more, start planning back yard activities with friends and family. Mood’s change, vacations are planned, trips are expanded and extended. Can we honestly say, knowing that we don’t fully understand how the brain really works, that this time where most people are feeling happier, perhaps more distracted yet relaxed, excited with the idea of vacation over work; all these little tidbits of indecisiveness might not rub off on a newborn child?

We all know children learn at remarkable rates, as a newborn, your brain is still forming and adjusting. You might not remember being a baby, but do you really think you didn’t start forming some type of thoughts, or opinions, from the moment you opened your eyes and saw the world around you? What’s to say that our planets position in the universe, the cosmic rays that have been proven to constantly bombard us and our world, didn’t help mold or shape you in some form? Can we prove it didn’t? How can anyone say you we are a blank slate and remain one until you get to the tender age of 4 or 5. I’ve watched children as young as six months learn basic things such as holding objects and learning to use a spoon to help them eat, heck is our skull even fully formed by then?

The Taurus’ out there are probably already shaking their head. Born between April 20 and May 20, around that time where you are so over the year and ready for June to hit, frustrated perhaps and ready to get things moving? They are all shaking their head right now. Stubborn and stuck on the idea that this is just hogwash. And maybe it is.

As anyone who knows me understands by now, until it can be proven that it doesn’t work that way, then why can’t we, at the least, entertain the idea that it is possible and support those who also feel that way. I think the concept of God is stupid, however, I have many religious friends who think otherwise, so who am I to question their perspective. Prove to me there is no God? I can’t do that, yet I can’t prove there is one either.

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