Nelly, he updated his journal….

{{journal_mood amused}}

{{journal_location Sitting at home putzing…}}

I haven’t written anything in a long time and I need to change that. However, I am not going to do that right this minute. Instead I figured I’d write up a quick entry for anyone still peaking in and let you know that I am still here. Lots has changed and I have lots to write about. Also, I had a few of the past couple entries marked private so no one could see them. I’m not sure why I did that but at the time I probably was just worrying about something and then forgot about it. They are now public again.

Also, I am going to start posting this on my real website. I’ve already got it on the site in the design view and hopefully this weekend I’ll have my new website online. That’s going to be a bit scary as far more people know about that site than this … so all hell could break loose soon. Ah well, I need a bit more drama in my life right?

More to come soon, promise!

P.S. I’ve also installed a nifty offline editor to write entries directly to the site. I’m hoping that will motivate me more since I can ramble on and on and on before I post. Excited yet?