Movie Night

{{journal_mood sleepy}}

Just a quick update … I hope. I had a great day, chatted with Hermes for a bit and then went to dinner and saw a movie with Boy Wonder. We went and watched Aeon Flux which wasn’t too bad actually. I know it’s not received the best reviews but it is an interesting story and was fun to see. I don’t think Boy Wonder was too impressed, I guess there is a comic book or something with her? I never heard of it so to me it was just a fun flick.

We then went and got the full version to the game he wanted me to play; we hopped in and played around for a couple hours. It was so much fun to spend time with him after everything that happened a long time ago (especially in a game together that we both enjoy). And it was just lots of fun to hang out with him and pal around outside the game. We had a blast talking and goofing off, I really got to just leave the poor boy (he’s my age) alone and stop picking on crap. It was the old person I remember so fondly and in a way, kind of improved. Maybe all the stuff he’s going through, which is painful journey for him, is having a positive effect and allowing him to see the potential I and his friends keep telling him he has.

All in all, it was just a great day. I am exhausted though and really need to go to bed. I woke up early this morning and I think I am working on like four hours of sleep. That’s not bad for me who would typically have some rant or problem to write about. So I am calling this a happy day and leaving it now before I do something to make it worse….