Morning Roll Call

{{journal_mood annoyed}}

Aggravating morning, last night the whole neighborhood lost power for three very long hours. Starting at around 7:30pm till 10:45pm, at first it was kind of fun though I was in the middle of doing something. It was cool to look down the hill and in to the valley that the house looks over and see this whole area just pitch black.

By 8:30 or 9 it was kind of getting boring and the surprisingly was getting very chilly. I never realized how well the furnace heats the house until then. I laid down for a bit to wait it out but our neighbors seemed to enjoy the darkness a bit to much and kept making to much noise.

Around 10 started the "where the fuck is the power" syndrome and since I had nothing to do, of course that just left me to dwell on things. Which then of course made sleeping pointless and pretty much shot my mood down to pissed off only making that last 45 minutes feel like an eternity.

Finally around 10:45 the power came back on and then I had to spend close to an hour resetting things and bringing all my computers back in service, finding out what didn’t work as intended. And then finally only to find out that by the time I could sit down everyone had gone offline which only pissed me off more.

So now I am sitting here tired, I didn’t get to sleep until one am and I am irritable cause I wanted to do something last night and spend some time online so I could crash early. And a certain person I called last night, who at the moment shall remain nameless, never even bothered to return my call..sss and has yet to come online so I can yell at him, which continues to just put my mood in the toilet and makes me feel like crap and simply ignored.

So here I sit working away on some instructions for our Help Desk person and find I am barely paying attention because 1) I am still tired, 2) I want to chew someone out for my crappy night and 3) My mood is awful making me dwell on stuff and I don’t have the energy to make it better.

On a good note, I take my car in for its last bit of maintenance tomorrow morning and hopefully in a couple hours after that it will be back in tip-top shape. I am going to hang out and wait there for it this time which will be boring as all but I’ll have my laptop and can work on stuff.

Oh and this day seems to be dragging on and on and on, it feels as if it should be four already but it’s only freaking noon. I am so ready to fall asleep at my desk. Maybe I’ll drive up and get some coffee. I need to see if I can find a cheap frame for a present I am giving someone, I could stop in Fred Meyer and do that. Ehh…maybe I will, get me out and who knows maybe there will be some good eye candy to drool at.

P.S. this mood indicator on this thing needs to have several you can display at once!