Monday … The Day After The Weekend

{{journal_mood calm}}

{{journal_location At a desk, in a cube listening to the Partridge Family … just don’t ask …}}

The weekend has come and gone. I’m very grateful that it is over. There are so many things in my life that are in a stage of movement that trying to get them all done is sometimes a nightmare.

Saturday I got in to it with Boy Wonder. I didn’t want to and tried to get out of it but he wouldn’t let me back down. I give him high marks for that but it was rough as a side of me that I truly hate seeing came out. The side where my walls fell and I was left raw to the world for a moment, I honestly wasn’t sure how’d he handle it but it was me and he got to see it even though I didn’t want him too.

Needless to say, in my anger and emotional state, I told him to read my journal. I honestly don’t mind him doing that BUT I am not sure how he’ll take it. I write about him a lot because he has made and is a great impact on my life right now. Needless to say, I removed the link to the journal on my personal website in fear that he might go read it. Well, it wasn’t just that but what I write about here is the real me. The feelings and emotions that twist around inside that a good … very large … percentage of people never ever see.

Honestly, most of the stuff I write is for me. It is great therapy to write out my thoughts and feelings. I do read back sometimes and try to see what I was thinking, to see if I was mistaken or what I could have done to fix or change and even learn from the events I post about. But this is also a very private thing for me and those who know of my journal I value their comments and sometimes no comments. So, for now, I’m not going to have the journal on my personal site. I just feel it is best that way.

As for the weekend, Sunday was difficult. I really was in a sour mood from being home all weekend and wanted to get out but didn’t. Dazzle was hounding me almost all day to fix his computer and I just didn’t want to. I am tired of working on computers and Dazzle’s computer is just so very messed up, it needs reformatted and redone. That’s a lot of work and time I just don’t want to spend.

Otherwise it was dull and though I had a tiny bit of fun Saturday with a few online it was just not what I had wanted. Sunday evening was a bit better off and on but again it just felt dull and boring. Actually the most fun I had was sitting and talking to Boy Wonder Sunday afternoon and though we discussed our little episode Saturday, it was just nice to chat and relax instead of sitting in front of the computer. Those are the moments I enjoy and miss so much. Moments to just putz around and kick back, that was actually an energizing time for me and helped make the entire weekend worth wild.

I’m not going to write too much right now. I might write more later. I’m in one of those calm moods, something rare for me so I kind of just want to enjoy it.