Just 30 Years Ago

Everything on this 1991 sale page is now on your phone (for the most part)…. And who remembers those good ol’ days when you could spend hours in a Radio Shack, looking at the new stuff or planning your next world domination creation. Maybe it was just me…

I really miss those days of Radio Shack, CompUSA, Circuit City, even Fry’s. It was just a lot of fun to wander around the isles looking at new stuff, planning an upgrade, or just seeing what people created. I love online shopping, and shipping is so much better than back then, but getting to feel a product, turn it around, examine it up close, measuring it to see if it fits, all that was a journey worthy of any nerdy adventure in a D&D game.

One thought on “Just 30 Years Ago

  1. I just wanted to stick this here. Dan wrote me a quick reply to this on Twitter which really brought back some fond memories of those days that I think I’d even forgotten: “Wasn’t just you, my friend— because I was with you at Radio Shack! Plowing through endless racks of audio and video adapters for whatever gawdawful reason we had!” — https://twitter.com/Anev/status/1486005959860232192?s=20&t=uhS-QB-dvl-0azvEC7jmEw

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