Conan Exiles Server

We’re at it again. If anyone is interested, we have a new Conan Exiles server setup with just a few mods (aka, several mods). If you are up for the adventure, don’t hesitate to let me know, either here, or join my Discord server (a link is at the bottom of my website).

We have a pretty relaxed setup, super-maxed levels. It’s more for the deco and socializing than anything else. We are hoping that Funcom, or a good modder, will add in server transfers like ARK so we can bounce to new and different maps.

And if you’ve played previously, Funcom has done some great updates to pets, thralls, and the such that really made the game feel and work far better. I’d definitely check it out again as it is the same game, just better.

You can get Conan Exiles on Steam, you will need the Isle of Siptah DLC (at least).

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