Gift Giving

{{journal_mood mellow}}

Ugg … I am pathetic. I had a semi nice conversation with my one friend today, yeah the one I complain about all the time. It was in instant messages as usual, *sighs* I really am doubting that he and I will ever get a chance to spend time together besides the stupid messenger. I was so irritated with him during part of that conversation that I up and left only to find myself talking to him again shortly after that.

I guess I am just going to have to do the hard thing and confront him, I want to just sit him down and talk face to face. He’s so freaking straight and macho compared to me who is Mr. Emotional, wears his feelings on my sleeve. I really think once he’s out of his blue period he and I can really have a good friendship if we just sit and talk for a few and get on the same playing field.

And of course, while chatting with another person whom I really don’t like that much, he tells me of these items he has … without even thinking I asked to buy them and sent him money. What are they … they will make incredibly cool gifts for my annoying friend. He’s going to die when he sees one of them. UGGGG He pisses me off and gets me so upset and moody so I go and get him a Christmas gift! What the hell is wrong with me!

As for Turkey Day, I was going to my Mom’s but at the last minute my so-called partner changed his plans and wants me to stay at home. No big deal, my car is acting a bit strange and I really don’t want to cause any damage taking a long trip until I can get it checked out. It’s only a freaking Vette, it would just depress the hell out of me if it broke down half way to Oregon.

So tomorrow should be a lazy day, sleep in and then make dinner and maybe take a nap. I am kind of looking forward to it actually; it’s been a roller-coaster of a week so to speak.

One thing to note, I talked to my Utah friend who continues to listen to me babble on and on about things of late. I really think I need to give my annoying friend here a break and relax for him. He might be less then commutative when it comes to feelings and emotions but he does make up for it sometimes and I think I just forget to listen. Actually I get so worried he won’t be around in the future I get scared and come close to demanding that he tells me. That’s not right and I probably owe him an apology for being like that. We’ll keep that apology to ourselves right now, I’ll wait until he is over his depress thing to tell him.