Fairy Tale Endings…

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Kind of sad, the park I remembered is either gone or they are redoing it. It has been a while since I was down in that area but I did walk along the pier for a while which I haven’t done in a very long time. That was nice.

Perhaps I am being a romantic, and I appreciate Hermes indulging me in this, I really would like to find Lost Love. If nothing else but to say I am sorry. I doubt it will happen; I searched around for him and couldn’t find a trace. I would love to think that this could be like the fairy tale or the great Christmas story … finding your long lost love; it would be an incredible feeling and truly magical.

All these years though, I think has probably been to long. I think Opus might have met him, when he gets back from his trip to Mexico I need to ask him. I don’t really know why I want to ask him; maybe it’s just to see what memories he holds. Right now I am enjoying the memories I had with Lost Love; I honestly can’t believe I went this long not allowing myself to think about them.

As I look back on my life with Lost Love, I really do wish I could do it over. I’d even give of my Corvette for that chance … the one and only material thing I waited my entire adult life to get. Perhaps I wouldn’t know the people I know today, perhaps some of the goals and achievements I have done wouldn’t exist, I don’t know … for the first time in my life I don’t think I would hesitate to take that chance … he has left that good of an impression on me. Sappy perhaps but I’d take a fairy tale ending and one of the loves of my life for the chance to try again and the opportunity to be in his arms once more.

Oh well … bedtime.

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