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Ok, this is going to be really dorky but I can’t help it.

First, I chatted with my Utah friend today about both a project we are working on and about life and stuff. I am truly amazed at how well he lets me dribble on about my problems. I honestly can’t believe I am that lucky to have friends who care that much … ahh … why do I let myself get so upset on this silly stuff I have written below.

And then my other friend, the one that lives here and the one whom I probably traumatize on so much, he called today just to chat quickly after work. He’s still going to help on the same project I mentioned above which makes me extremely happy but the fact that he called and chatted for a few minutes made my day. He’s going to be stuck in his game that he plays, they had a new update so I probably won’t get to see him or hang out for a while but him calling is cool, I can be patient and wait for dinner and a movie. I don’t want to wait and I hate being patient, I want to hang out so bad but alas, patients is a virtue. He really is a good friend, I just wish I would relax about our friendship and stop worrying so much. Guess that’s what you get when you really want something.

I do it with all my friends actually; I think it’s just this phase I have to go through as I get to know someone. Had he and I not had our falling out, I think it would have passed but…. All I know is he’s back, he’s here, he does care and that I am happy to have him in my life.

I am very hungry right now which of course is making me dwell on bad thoughts but I got an hour and half left before I can leave unless I say “screw it” and leave early. Must keep spirits high…. And the phone call and conversation today was way cool. Those are the things I love about life and about the people I have in my life. As much as my friends can stress me out and bring out my worse fears, I love them all and wouldn’t trade them for anything…. And what’s even more rewarding is I think they each know that.

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