Phone Calls

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I mentioned in my previous entry the phone call that made my day but I think I need to say more so I remember how cool it was. It really was one of the most fun and uplifting calls anyone could ever make to me.

This is going to sound weird but my friend called and we got to talking about my car. I own a 1997 Corvette that I just adore. I was telling him how I was racing people on the freeway for fun, something I rarely, if ever do and he got all funny with me and started saying “don’t wreck his car!”

I know this sounds weird but if the car is still around or I get another like it, it is willed to him. I know it’s stupid but I update my will pretty often and my friends will come out very good. You never know when you might go and I want to make sure those I really care about are taken care of. Well, the car is actually willed to him, he had no idea. He was the first to make a big deal about it and he was the one who told me I should get it.

Anyway, the conversation went on, he had lots of fun giving me a hard time about “his” car which was just funny as heck; I was laughing my head off. It wasn’t the idea of “his” car but how it felt like I saw the future of our friendship and knowing that he was planning for the long hall. Even if it was just a fun conversation it felt so nice knowing he would be there.

I really can’t tell anyone how that felt during that conversation, it was as if my friend who I want so dearly in my life was right there beside me being himself and not worrying about his problems or mine. Life should be so nice more often. And I wish he would call more often like that because those are the best moments that I will always remember.

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