Catch-Up – Part 1

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So … an update. Hmmm. It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here, over seven months. Well, as everyone knows or should know by now … I love to write! So catching everyone up won’t be to much of a problem. I doubt I’ll do it all in this post but who knows. I’m really liking this new offline editor. It saves as I go and is always running. I can basically type a little, take a break and then type some more when I return. Nifty aye?

First things first. Mood and all that, I have to admit that things have gotten a lot better. They are not calm or normal (normal in my world that is) but they are better and though there are days where it does feel like things are still spinning out of control they are rarer and rarer. I think that is due to the fact that things did work out and everything is moving along in some odd fashion.

The biggest highlight to the last several months has been Boy Wonder. He did an incredible job at work and really did stand out, as I knew he would. Yes it was only a contract position and it did end, however day by day I am finding out that he left a lasting impression on people here and though they are still delaying hiring him, it is in the works. I’m very disappointed in my boss though, he has taken a cowards way out of most of his job functions. He has been the biggest hold up to progression for the companies technology. He continues to take the firm stand that the staff will tell us when we need to do something and we simply have to wait for them to make that move. The saddest part about this plan and direction he has chosen is that we are in the trenches of computer services and not customer interaction. We simply are so far removed from both our clients and co-workers that his plan won’t work and it will never happen. An IT Department has to remain neutral and on the outside edge to be successful, we have a help desk which is our connection to the staff but that is where the line is drawn. If we don’t stay that line then we get caught in the storm of what’s good for the individual and not the company. Saying we need to educate the staff on what we do is pointless. They are here to do their job and us ours, if they wanted to be computer geeks, they would have chosen the profession but most want to focus on their job and what they are good at, trusting that their IT Department is watching out for them.

Time will tell how it all plays out. I continue to have conversations with those of power and sadly that includes my boss. Slowly but surely my boss is seeing that he has an asset waiting to be added to the staff, he just has to get past the fear of speaking up and tell them that he’s hiring someone. I’m worried about Boy Wonder though, he can only hold out so long and no matter how much I help or support him it doesn’t make up for the wait. He has and continues to keep his spirits high, he’s made incredible efforts to continue his knowledge growth despite his time off. I’m hoping that this week we find out when he can come back to work. What’s funny is so many here really do miss him, that’s a good thing for someone who was here only three months. Keep your fingers crossed.

On other fronts Dazzle is still here. I love him to death and will continue to stand by him but it’s getting harder and harder each day. I find myself coming home and dreading to see his car parked here. It’s not that I don’t care it’s just that he needs to move on and start his life again. He had his business which he lost because he made a bad decision and now he’s looking for another. I know it’s hard and it hurts a lot but everyone has to move forward at some point. I know what it’s like not to move forward, I’ve been there many times but if you just sit on the couch and do nothing but talk on instant messenger life will never move forward. And that is about all that Dazzle does, get’s up and immediately gets on Yahoo or something and is there pretty much until he goes to bed.

As for my family, my youngest brother who has never had a good time with life is now being plagued with health issues. He’s only a couple years younger than me but he devoted his life to drinking and drugs, jails and problems. It finally caught up to him and now it seems he’s contracted several nasty diseases and could be having some severe kidney problems soon. My brother and I hardly know each other anymore, he and I have probably spent maybe 24 total hours together since I was 16, over 20 years ago. He’s a good person but let life show him paths he shouldn’t have taken. I haven’t talked to my family in some time, I am just not able to deal with the drama and tragedies that seem to always plague them lately. I only have so much strength to go around and that is one area I don’t think I can deal with right now.

So that’s a partial update, there is more to tell but since I started this Friday night and it’s now Monday morning I am going to stop here and write more later. Time to work or at least try….

P.S. For those who have my personal website address, I finally updated it with a new look and I’m adding new stuff to it finally. That’s been a fun challenge and I am enjoying a rebirth of one of my favorite hobbies.