A Good Day!

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Last night was a blast! I got home from my exhausted day and stomach aching trauma and Boy Wonder wanted to go out as planned. I might have been tired and my stomach was killing me but I so much wanted to go out and play for a change. It was so much fun, we didn’t do much but we went to the local big computer store and putzed around. Had something to eat and then went grocery shopping.

I know it sounds lame but that was so much fun to just hang out for a bit. Towards the end my stomach was killing me but I found myself relaxed and comfortable which is something I haven’t felt in a very long time as we wandered around the stores. It was just nice, no stress or trauma, he only glanced at his phone once or twice. He didn’t show the signs of being bored or un-talkative and he even turned down the music so we could talk as we drove. We chatted a bit about how life is going for him but for the most part it was just bantering and playful conversation. He’s really going to do fine in his future if he can keep it up and learn from the experience.

I never did get to talk to the President yesterday about Boy Wonder’s job. But he promised we’d do it today. I’m very excited about Boy Wonder returning to work, I do enjoy my job if we only had enough people to take some of the ongoing pressure off. So hopefully later today I’ll be able to tell Boy Wonder he returns to work Monday.

My stomach is still upset and in pain. It’s not as bad as it was yesterday, no quick calls of nature but the pain will hit all of a sudden and come close to toppling me over. I am hoping to meet with the President early and then I might take off.

Bare Foot made it in game last night; that was so much fun. I didn’t really get to talk to her much but she got on the voice software we had and then what ever Hermes and her where doing started her off on a giggle fest. I was laughing so hard it hurt at one point at her and the simple little things that amused her. I have missed her around and really wanted to go spend sometime last night playing but it never happened. We had this one person in the voice channel with me and Boy Wonder that though he might be the nicest person on the planet, he just can be either depressing at times or simply annoying when he can’t stop talking.

I’m not sure how tonight will go, Boy Wonder is feeling a bit bored with the game we play and wants to go out and do stuff. I’m all for that but realized, I haven’t the slightest idea what to do is anymore. But for him and myself, I need to find out. His destiny is out there and so is mine.

All in all, a good day compared to the other night. I wish there where more of these because those are the moments in life that make it all worth wild.