10-4 Good Buddy

{{journal_mood blah}}

Things are finally feeling a bit more normal. I am not sure what was going on last week but I am feeling myself again.

My friend that lives here is acting strange and has gotten very distant. He says he is trying to lay low and repair which may be true but he seems so far away and less than responsive. He blew off our dinner Sunday, though he said he probably wouldn’t be able to do it, normally he calls but this time he didn’t. I am worried about him but he is leaving avenues to talk open so I will try to just be there when he needs me. He seems so strange to me right now and it hurts to know he is dealing with crap but won’t open up and even seems to push away when any subject of emotions comes up.

Turkey Day is coming up and my Mom has asked me to come down, she has changed her plans and will be home. I kind of want to go but it’s a long drive and my car really needs some maintenance before I should drive it that far. I really don’t want to get a flight just for a 400 mile trip so I am still debating.

I’ve really lost all entrance in playing the online games I us to. I just don’t feel like they are that exciting or really bring that much to my life. That could be due to the fact that I want to get out so bad and do something in the real world for a change. It’s hard to say. I have been enjoying driving around but as I mentioned earlier, I need some work done on my car and I hate to keep adding miles on to it until that is done.

Not the best feelings going on mainly cause I am stressing about my friend and worried about him but there isn’t much I can do until (and sadly, if) he wants to talk or be there. I know our friendship is there somewhere; it just seems as soon as we start getting close and having fun as friends something comes along and pushes us apart, or drives a stake down the center.