{{journal_mood lonely}}

Hmm… What to say? Honestly I could write volumes and really want too but then the idea of the whole world reading those thoughts in such an anonymous way is a bit scary. Ahh… But then why did I sign up for this thing.

Perhaps, it’s just the desire to stop hiding in the shadows and thinking no one wants to hear my half-hazard comments and well…. Let’s just be blunt here, desperate desire to know that someone is out there that actually cares.

Ok, so a journal. What shall I say? I guess to start with, I was very sad more on depressed than sad last night. The idea that all my friends have left the area save one is very sad thing for me. My poor soul friend who is left, I honestly don’t think he knows what to do with me. I try not to bug him nearly as much as I us to but I so much want to chat and talk and just blow off steam.

Needless to say, he was fun last night and though I thought I had bugged him off the edge again, he turned around and made me extremely happy by wanting to chat before bed. I don’t know, it was fun to have him there working away and fighting with his web page. It was just nice to hear someone around. I think out of all this, I miss just having someone around.

Well, now it’s morning and I am sitting her at work. Those damn lonely feelings are back and I just feel pretty much by myself. I could pester my friend, it’s his day off, but I don’t want him thinking I am some psycho…. Desperate yes… I have no pride; it went the same day my last friend left the area.