The time of year…

{{journal_mood lonely}}

I had a great idea last week. I wanted to create something a bit different, something I think is needed in the world. I have been writing in this journal for some time, maybe a year, maybe more. In all these entries it has been a discovery of myself, a time to reflect and a place to release. The topics have covered everything from work to the daily grind. I’ve discussed problems and worries with friends. I’ve spouted out poetry and shared some of my oldest memories. This journal has been about life. Living life is the greatest journey anyone can undertake. But life is not an easy journey and it’s not always a fun ride.

So my idea was simply to create a place to discuss life. My life, your life and whom ever else wants to jump in. A forum dedicated to living with all the good, the bad and the in between. Politics to dating, ghosts to aliens and what ever else someone wants to discuss. Just a place to ramble and share, maybe hash out a problem, maybe a place to just listen to others and perhaps gleam a glimpse about something in your own life.

I thought it was a good idea and a fun one. I have a couple more things I want to add to it and then I was hoping to send out an email to everyone and invite them to ponder the uniqueness of life. Alas, that was my plan. But it seems, life took a hold of me this weekend and a part of me … faded.

It seems Christmas is coming. No matter where you look they have already started spitting it out. They are evening starting to play the music on the radio. Hell, what happened to Thanksgiving. But alas, I didn’t need to think about either right now. It just dawned on me that this year I get to walk through these holidays completely alone. Dazzle is going to be overseas and Boy Wonder is going to be at his family. I could go to my family also but there is so much incredible stress floating around there that it would be less than enjoyable and probably do more harm for me then good … maybe … I don’t know.

I’m afraid to look back in the journal to last year, I know what it will say. Oh well, another year down and a more to go. It just took my wind away and well, made me sad. Not very many years ago we had huge parties on these great days, lots of friends around and the day was far from lonely. It was filled with life. Now days … existing through them is about all I can hope for.