Quick Update…

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Just a quick update for the moment and actually a semi good one at that! Last night I think something finally snapped and the stress and pressure that has been building just hit top and my mind tossed it.

I wish I could say what triggered it but honestly I don’t know. Perhaps it was Boy Wonder calling me all day which made me feel good about knowing him and having him in my life but really I think my mind just said enough and closed down that portion of the grey matter that was freaking out.

Yes I am still worried and stressed about things going on but it is now normal. I’ve done what I can and though I still have some moves yet to play, I am not feeling that immediate urge. I am feeling lots calmer and more myself.

My boss is still putzing around about interviewing Boy Wonder. I talked to his boss about him today and he said that my boss could be trying to take advantage of the opportunity to get someone he wants in a different capacity. That really pisses me off if that is true but it is also what I was worried about because he’s done it before. I’m hoping that he is just stressed out with year-end and Christmas making him go slow.

Things will work out one way or the other. Sadly though I don’t know what the other way is yet. I really want Boy Wonder to move in to the house so Dazzle will move out and go on with his life. Plus then I won’t have to worry about finding a roommate and all that. Yes I am worried that my company is backing out of their deal which was originally agreed upon by senior management because my boss is killing it. That would mean Boy Wonder might take another option and move off to another state looking for work.

It’s upsetting because I don’t mind helping Boy Wonder and will find him something else or help him find something else. But I know he wants to start moving on with his life and as much as "I" want something, I can’t ask another to hold off their plans just to help me get through mine. Well, I will ask, I learned the hard way what it was like not to ask but still I can’t do more than that.

I think right now though, I am upset at my boss and the company. I’ve been here five years and accomplished what no one else could do yet they don’t take that into consideration. Well, the only person not is my boss. The VPs and such trust my judgment and would do it without a second thought simply because I requested it. It’s kind of sad that my boss has to think otherwise.