Michael - SmallWhen I first met you, you where new to the group. We didn’t talk much and I watched as you discovered the new friendships in that group. It wasn’t until much later that we became closer friends. Now, it seems that you have been there all along. One thing that compels me to your side has been your remarkable ability to be up front, honest and tremendously open about yourself.

I love your talent for debate. You and I have squared off on more than one occasion to debate and challenge the other to open our minds and exchange opinion and facts. As I work on projects and new adventures I look over my work to make sure your advice is taken to heart, careful for what you write … what I might think sounds one way, another might take it as something else.

My hopes for you have always been the same, for you to achieve happiness and companionship. You provide so much for others, you deserve the same in return. I have seen you go through some terrible moments in your life in Seattle, you have grown stronger and even more wiser than you where when I first met you.

Hugs and happiness for the future.