Maurice - SmallMy dearest friend. How you have watched my life grow, it’s hard to imagine what my life would have been without your help, support and love throughout the years. I can’t tell you how much I cherish our friendship, even today, we both have such different lives and rarely get a chance to spend any time together but we still keep in contact and keep up with each others changing worlds when we can.

There are so many memories that I have of our friendship, Anev, TLN, Marie, Ferry Street, CTI, Bob and a variety of others in between and outside those. I also keep the lessons you have taught me over the years close by, you are one of the friends who have been honest about his feelings and desires. That honesty, which at times can be painful, is full of lessons that a person needs to grow and expand. Without them, I am sure I would be struggling with a lot more issues than I do already.

For you, I wish continued success and fulfillment of your dreams. You have faced some of my hardest moments with me and any person who can stand with another during their hardest times only deserves the best of thoughts and wishes throughout the coming years.

Much love and friendship.