Late Monday Morning Update…

{{journal_mood stressed}}

An interesting day! I never had a chance to do my Monday update but had I it would have started off as down right shitty day. Turning into slightly too much by mid-day to overwhelming by day end.

I had way too much going on at work, several meetings and tracking down people and then nothing but constant none-stop interruptions from my fellow co-workers. Not really all that bad normally but my poor emotions finally started to cave under the pressure and I went flying down hill fast.

Right now, I am a bit tired and still stressed out. I’m kind of wined up at the same time trying to control the flow of thoughts running through my head. They are only partially controlled at the moment but I am feeling them really trying to push out and making me want to scream.

The first part of the morning started with Dazzle and I getting in to a huge argument. I kind of lost it and got so upset with him as he just ignored me and typed away in instant messenger and answered his phone while I tried to have a normal conversation. Well, sadly, the rage built and I went over and grabbed his laptop smashed it shut and threw it on the couch.

Not one of my better moments but all he would say is money this and money that. I was trying to tell him not to worry and things would be fine, we have money, we don’t need to pay everything off at once and he just needs to slow down. All he heard was no money and then no money which freaked him out. Yes there was more to it than that but that was the heart of the conversation.

I just couldn’t take it anymore, trying to have a conversation and him just ignoring me or shaking his head every now and then. It just really upset me to have part of a conversation and that’s when my animal instincts took over and I well, went for the computer.

There was more to the day but at the moment I am just tired and stressing and need to calm down. I’ll try to write more or add to this tomorrow. Just going to rest now and try to relax for a bit.

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