Fear of Water

I learned to swim when I was younger, and as long as my head stays above the water, I’m good. But once water hits the top of my head, panic sets in. I start to have a hard time breathing and no matter what I do, I can’t get any air. This can happen when I shower sometimes. Just rising off my hair and suddenly the water will start flowing over my face and I have to quickly step back as I find myself suddenly gasping for air. When I was a kid, my Mom took us to learn to […]

Dad and the “Polish” Jokes

As a kid I grew up hearing, what is now considered extremely politically incorrect today, “Pollock jokes”. Even the term is wrong, but back then, being of Polish decent, it seemed okay. No, it wasn’t even okay back then, but I was a kid and it didn’t fully register in my mind. From my Dad’s side of the family you could say that I’ve got 50% Polish ancestry in me. According to my relatives, my Grandfather moved her from Poland with his wife, my Grandmother. So that would make my Dad full Polish, though he was born in the US. […]