Car Repairs

{{journal_mood melancholy}}

I am sitting here at the dealers/service department right now. I’ve dropped the car off for its maintenance and repairs. They are supposed to be finding someone to drive me across town. The regular guy only goes to downtown so they wanted to find me some other person who can take me further. He better be cute, I’ve been sitting here a while and I’ll be late if he doesn’t walk through the door soon. Not that I mind being late, it seems I am always late for work nowadays.

Next time anyone sees Hermes, please feel free to slap him. After last night, he did give good advice as he always does; he just couldn’t help but bring up a new perspective on some of the things I have been working through. I’m not going to go in to details about what we talked about, I am still a bit stunned by some of these new "theories". I don’t mean stunned in a bad way but more stunned in a … I never thought of it that way followed by "oh shit, if that’s true … oh freaking crap … it’s so clear yet it’s so incredibly confusing and bizarre!"

As for my old friend, who shall now be know as "Opus" (he’d know what it means), he did email me back and I am happy to report that he wants to talk. I was in a hurry this morning and didn’t have time to read the entire reply but I will when I get to work. I am very glad to know Opus and I can talk and work through some of the issues he wrote about. What bothers me though, I was so upset last night thinking I had messed up and could possibly loose a friend. When in reality, he and I have been friends for so long; we’ve been through so much, it is kind of stupid and slightly crazy of me to think that. Even though he might have hinted at our friendship fading, he and I would have talked about it even if that was only in emails.

I guess what I am trying to say, I have been so worried about things with Boy Wonder and the stuff in my relationship with Dazzle; I have forgotten some of the basic things in my life. The fact that those I call my best friends are just that, very good friends, we are equally important to each other. Perhaps that’s a lesson Boy Wonder needs to learn, true friendship can be work, annoying at times and stressful but it can also be one of the most incredibly rewarding experiences in your life. My stressing over Boy Wonder shouldn’t be the problem it is. No other person in my life causes so much drama for me and I am honestly getting tired of it with him. I love him and care about him but he needs to decide what and who I am to him.

Ok, it’s been a while longer and still no driver. They don’t have a loaner car here which is annoying, they suggested I could contact the rental company across the street but gees; they are a dealer and have cars all over. Supposedly they will have my Vette done by tonight which would be very cool so having a loaner isn’t that big of a deal. We have another car if I needed one; it just needs the battery charged so I can drive it. I just want my car though.

What’s so strange about the car, this is the first ‘thing’ that I really worry over. Leaving it at the shop by itself makes me worried. Maybe because I know how much the car is worth and how much I enjoy it. Having something happen to it would be very upsetting. That whole concept to me is odd, I don’t worry about ‘things’, I worry about people. It’s odd to me to be so worried over a stupid car yet I do.

The driver was kind of cute but to young and one of those that would do in a pinch but otherwise … ehh. I did get to work a bit late and then had to deal with the chance that my parking space (I pay for it out of my own pocket) might be taken away, the person who manages our building is an idiot. Luckily, my co-workers stuck up for me and made sure my space was safe.

Now I just have a mountain of work and no real desire to do any of it. Nothing looks fun or exciting, it’s just more stuff to do so I am sitting here kind of picking at things and well, chatting with co-workers instead of working.

I answered Opus’ email and part of me can’t wait to chat with him yet another part of me is scared. I need to let him know what has been going on in my life; bring him up to speed so to speak. But I am more anxious to talk to him and find out how things have been going in his life and how his partner is doing. I am finding I really do want the past left dead along side the road but that can also be seen as running away from issues that I need to face. The scared part of me doesn’t want to bring it up but I know I need to update him.

But off to work for now and then the long wait for the service people to call and tell me the car is done.