Something Pretty

As I wandered upstairs I found this stunning arrangement of flowers that Scott put together from the yard outside. That lead me on a merry journey around the house, snapping pictures of it as I tried to find the best way to show case such a lovely display.

He put together something that wasn’t this overloaded collection of whimsy. It wasn’t something trying to push any event or agenda. The presentation was just a few branches, a strand or two from a bush just starting to blossom. As I gazed at it, the assortment filled my mind with images of the countryside. It took me to a place of contemplation. And, most of all, it just made me feel calm.

The world is stunning when you just stop and look around. Just a few snips here, or there, and you can create something that holds such magic.

I just thought this was wonderful and wanted to share it.

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