It’s NOT a blog!

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Who in the hell made up that term? I mean, what where they hiding! What is a blog? To be honest, with all my years of web design and surfing, I have never seen a more stupid term applied to something that has been around for centuries. A blog is nothing more than a space to write your thoughts (and opinions) for others to read. Remind you of something? Perhaps an editorial column … a journal … a diary … someone’s place to bitch. (side note: that last partial sentence should probably be said with increasing anger for the proper affect)

I’m sorry; I am not going to add one more stupid term to a world that is so full of terms that really mean the same as something else (hell just getting that sentence out was a waste of your and my bandwidth). Personally I think a straight geek who wanted to be popular, liked by all, decided he would create his journal online and give it a nifty name which made it sound less feminine. Then he could do what many people have done for years but it doesn’t sound so ‘gay’ aka record there thoughts AND post it under this new term that would intrigue people to view their pathetic website.

Ok, I’m peeved and have some pent of anger here so why am I doing this? I’ve been doing this for years on other sites of mine but the difference was … I called it a “journal” and simply put my thoughts on paper. I guess my perception of humanity needs to be adjusted. Someone creates a new ‘cool’ word for an old term and the world goes crazy with excitement. Ugg… Society as a whole has grown incredibly pathetic. (side note: roll your eyes for the right effect)

I digress (only for the moment) as I noted above, I have been putting my thoughts online since I first attempted my first web site some…. Heck I don’t remember how long ago. I remember getting on the internet back in the days of college through the university computers. This was way back when having it at home was just unheard of. Most the times I would change the design of my site and the journal would be archived away. Hey, someday I should pull up those old listings again and post it. *shivers* Ok, that’s a bit scary but I am sure I can dig something up.

What do I want to accomplish with this? I don’t know. I guess perhaps my place in cyberspace to make note of my life. I’ve also learned that I get a lot from others feedback and usually discover another view that I had never thought of. To me, that is very exciting to learn something new about myself. Sometimes ‘saying it as it is’ and getting someone to question those thoughts can be incredibly enlighting.

So there you have it … my first journal entry. HAH! Now we’ll see if I can keep this up and as always, got a thought or comment, email me away and see what I think. BUT … keep in mind, I like sharing!

[Note: originally posted on my personal website which I removed in favor of LiveJournal.]
[Note to Note: Back on my personal site in my own journal program as I say goodbye to LiveJournal.]