Feelings of Dread

I’ve got another related topic I started somewhere in my drafts that relates to this latest verbal digest, but I wanted to get this off my chest first.

While going through my Twitter feed today, I saw the wonderful video of Cher singing the theme to Golden Girls. That was then shredded as I saw the news that our former ‘Dumb Shit’ of a President is possibly going to run again. He is going to try to take back the White House in 2024.

What … the … fuck! Are we really going to do this all over again? Haven’t we had enough? I couldn’t even read further. My heart sunk. This feeling of such dread washed over me. Our country has been through so much, as has the whole world. We are only just starting to heal, and slowly come to terms with the new world that is emerging from the past several years. We do not need this pathetic excuse for a human as President … AGAIN!

We must start now! We need to send him it a clear message that it is not wanted. It’s ideas are not worthy of human thought. It cannot tear our country, or our world, apart any longer. We are done with it, and it needs to go.

But … we won’t. The most disappointing thing about the political parties in the US is how utterly messed up they are. That’s the first problem. However, the second problem is … our fellow Americans. We the people. We are so freaking cowardly in this great United States that we don’t have the balls to call out our friends and relatives for supporting this pathetic excuse for a human being. If just a quarter of us picked up the phone, got in their car, or took a trip to visit their relatives in these distant locations and told them how this single person has the power to destroy their life, this person that wants to be the President, would end.

We are so worried about confrontation, upsetting our harmony, getting our hands dirty, anything touching our little bubble of life, that we don’t actually do anything! Sure, we vote, a lot of good that does when you live in a county, or state, that is mostly all voting as you (for a Presidential Candidate). We don’t make an impact on the other portion of our nation. That portion that says … hmmm, let me see if I can recall a few examples … “Everyone I know thinks he would be a great President.” Or “Him being the President doesn’t impact anyone I know; these other people are just a minority.” Or “The sinners out there, none of which are my family, deserve what they get.” Or “It’s all lies, everyone is voting for him, they [the Democrats] are rigging the election with too many votes.” Or “I raised my family to have decent values, they all respect how I raised them and know we need someone like him to be our President.”

These people that are saying these things are talking about each of you! How many of you have family who live in these so-called red states? How many of you inform these family members how your life is impacted by this person’s political (which is more a personal) agenda? I think we could count them on one hand. Hence, the following sample of excuses, “my relatives are old,” “they wouldn’t understand,” “they’d grew up in a different time,” “they don’t really know about that part of my life.” AND so on!

These people, that we avoid for whatever reason, that we don’t say anything too, are putting this person back on the ballet. They have the potential to vote it back into office. They may be all those things above (and more); old, uneducated, unaware, and so many other things, but they also have the power to control your life … by voting.

You, on the other hand, have the power to educate them, help them see that their decision for a dumb ass to be our highest leader, will impact your life and in turn, theirs by association. You are the one in control and your vote, isn’t enough! Your voice has yet more power. Use it to help educate those in our country to what is really going on, to who you, and we, all are.

If that means you lose family, friends, or connections; it is probably a good thing. If you are letting people have that much power over your life, simply because it is easier not to talk to them, you not only hurt yourself, but you hurt all of us.

So many things in our world didn’t come about because no one spoke up. Women’s right started with marches and divided families just so a women, any women, could vote. Our decedents from other parts of the world continue to fight and battle with racism, which now turns into all out wars on our own soil because we keep ignoring the problem. Gay marriage and gay rights, just being accepted as a person, took countless battles, and that is still ongoing. How many people had to die alone in the years prior, because they couldn’t love who they wanted, all because we didn’t want to get involved, it wasn’t affecting me.

Stand up for yourself, your friends, me, your children’s futures, your friends children’s future. You have to confront and let those in areas of our nation, who think their vote has no impact on anyone in their life, these people need to know — they’re wrong. You matter, their vote affects you, and they do know someone who is affected by this person’s politics. Don’t let their vote be a stab in the heart, your heart.

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