Site Hosting

I don’t really host web sites or consider myself any type of an ISP but I have a decent high speed connection, a fancy and robust server plus the added benefit that … I know a decent amount of stuff for running internet services.

This website is hosted off my own personal connection.  I have a few other friends sites hosted through server.  Web pages and such, aren’t really that much of a burden.

This all started because I really wanted to have the freedom to do anything I wanted and really learn at my own pace about how things on the internet worked.  Real life learning is far better and more rewarding than any classroom and you get the added benefit of freedom to experiment … outside the box.

I do provide a few other background services such as MySQL, FTP and other smaller things for my friends.  Here are the current residents of the connection: – My personal website – yes, this one…

If you have questions, would like more information, or just need to talk to someone about one of the sites above please visit their website and send them an email (or however they have it setup).  All I do is maintain the internet connection and make sure the server stays up.  Beyond that, as long as they aren’t breaking my ISP’s agreements, I don’t involve myself in their activities.