UO Stratics Articles

On February 2, 2003 I was accepted as a news reporter for UO Stratics on the Sonoma Shard (http://uo.stratics.com) and challenged with the task of reporting on the events, news and happenings on the Sonoma shard of Ultima Online.

I have to admit, I did it on a whim. I saw the posting asking for new reporters and figured, ‘what the heck, why not try.’ To be honest, I really didn’t think I had a chance. But I enjoy writing and don’t do it enough so it would be fun.

I remember when I got the email saying I was a runner up. At first I was very excited … then I realized, ‘Oh My GOD!’ what have I started! I calmed down and figured it would never happen and followed through with the next step. Low in behold, after being a bit late on the deadline, I was accepted. Also, a little side note, this is how I ended up meeting Ed who has become one of my dearest and closest friends. He was the news manager for the team and he and I just clicked and well … the rest is history.

In May of 2004 I stepped down as a reporter with Stratics though I continue to moderate a forum there. Being a reporter in UO was nothing like I could have imagined. The experience, the friendships and the overwhelming group of people who make up Sonoma will always be one of the biggest highlights of my life.

Fire Dungeon 02/10/2003
Dungeon Doom, Malas & Sonoma 02/13/2003
Rock (ne) dungeon re-visted.. 03/02/2003
YMCA Story Night 03/29/2003
Dungeon Doom and The Dark Guardians 04/03/2003
YMCA, Stories, Food and Beverages 04/06/2003
Destard Wants Its Dragons Back 04/07/2003
Some Things Are Just Bad Ideas 04/19/2003
Auction Night at Sotheby’s 04/29/2003
Sonoma Shopping 05/05/2003
Another YMCA Story Night 05/19/2003
Sonoma Site Seeing 06/06/2003
Friday the 13th draws a crowd! 06/16/2003
Bidders Go Crazy at Sotheby’s 06/23/2003
Blackthorn Attacks Sonoma 06/28/2003
Storming Deceit and Wiping Barracoon off the Map! 07/08/2003
ToD Cleans up Shame 07/13/2003
The Heat Is On – Racing Championship Week Five Results 07/24/2003
Estate Auction of Poison Ivy 08/02/2003
GTH Auction Successfully Wins Tuesday! 08/06/2003
The Smell of War – Felucca is to be cleaned! 08/22/2003
Skyview Tavern’s Coconut Tales and Great Ale 08/22/2003
War Begins – Felucca’s First Causalities.. 08/23/2003
Two Black Robed Figures Walk Into a Bar 08/23/2003
All of Sonoma Stops Dead for the Return of Lord British 08/27/2003
Cleansing of Felucca – The Plot Thickens! 09/01/2003
Battles Are Ahead It Seems – Lady Minax 09/04/2003
Tera Keep Falls to the TOD 09/07/2003
Felucca Takes a Bite Out of Good 09/18/2003
Recruiting for the Royal Guard 09/20/2003
A Spy in Moonglow 09/23/2003
Battle In Felucca 09/26/2003
Lady Minax Meeting In Hythloth 09/29/2003
What Do You Do on Your Saturday Nights 10/04/2003
Tour of Dungeons Vanquishes Hythloth 10/04/2003
Cleansing of Felucca – Constant Struggle 10/31/2003
BVD Brings a New Meaning To Pet Store 11/02/2003
Ultimate Costume Party at the YMCA 11/02/2003
There are worst things than death sometimes 11/09/2003
The Toll of Death Calls Forth A Cleansing 11/19/2003
A Fallen Hero and Champion…. 11/24/2003
Rabbits, Hinds, Birds, Horses, Dragons, Mares . Oh My 12/01/2003
Exodus Dungeon Reveal Clues to Minax’s Abilities 12/01/2003
Minax’s Aura Attacks the Lycaeum 12/08/2003
Gold Caravan Crawls Through Felucca 12/14/2003
Lord British is Gone! 12/15/2003
Sunday at Sotheby’s … Gold Was Spilled 12/22/2003
Santa Visits Sonoma 12/25/2003
Saying Goodbye. 05/11/2004
Snow Ball Fight Scares Delucia! 12/21/2004