Trip to Eugene Via Astoria in 2005

I think it was around August I took a trip in my new car, my dream car, the Vette.  I was off to visit my family in Oregon.  I really hate driving on the freeway and though at times I can enjoy it, this time I wanted to cruise and really experience the feeling of having a Corvette.  So, I packed up my stuff and headed off.  I zipped down from Seattle to Olympia and then cut across the hills to the Oregon coast.

I love the outdoors and it reminded me so much of being back in college and racing around the back roads to either visit Dan in Corvallis or jumping over the pass to Florence.  This trip lead me winding through the hills of Washington and finally along the Columbia River.  Once I hit Astoria, which has always been something of a magical place for me — home to many family vacations with great parks to explore and a cool community, that’s when I started snapping pictures all the way to Florence, Oregon.

I really can’t wait to do it again.  I was alone this trip, but I would love to have a companion on the next trip.  Plus I didn’t make to many stops, just a few places I remembered as a kid, I really would have loved to stop and look at the battlements along with so many other cool things a trip like this has to offer.