Contact Me

The best way is, and probably always will be, is to email me. I respond much quicker to an email than I will any other form of communication … but yes, even an email reply can take a couple of weeks.  I no longer give out my email address (so freely).

Your best bet is to use one of the social platforms in the footer OR you can click the link below and send me a message right from the website.  After that, I may be more than willing to hand over that email address you came looking for.

Message me via the website

Phone calls are reserved for my trusted friends. Actually, years ago, I just unplugged my land line completely and pretty much only use my cell phone (and anyway, most likely I’ve got it muted or in the other room).

So what are you waiting for?  Click and ask that question you forgot cause you sat and read this whole bunch of dribble.