Thanksgiving 11/23/2017

Arrival Time:  You’re welcome to arrive anytime after 12:00pm on Thursday.

Dinner Time:  Dinner is planned for 3:00pm but depending on food, it could be closer to 4:00pm (or even 5:00pm).

Address:  403 47th St SE, Everett, WA  98203 (IMPORTANT: At the end of 47th Street it will “Y”, stay to your left and keep to the pavement!  Not all maps show the street correctly.)

Parking:  Feel free to park in a variety of places that are available.

Parking Locations

(Click for larger image)

The Great Turkey Day Menu:

  • Deep Fried Turkey (Billy)
  • Ham (Carl)
  • Mashed Potatoes (Carl)
    • Gravy by (CK)
  • Stuffing (Scott)
  • Cranberry Sauce (Scott)
  • Sauteed Brussels Sprouts (CK)
  • Green Bean Casserole (Beth)
  • Onions Au Gratin (Michael)
  • Sweet Potatoes and/or Yam Dish (Beth)
  • Pumpkin Pies & Whipped Cream (Carol)
  • Apple Pie & Vanilla Ice Cream (CK)
  • Wine & Coke (CK)


  • Appetizers
  • Beverages/Drinks/Punches

Guest List:

  • Scott and Carl (Your Hostess and Host)
  • Billy and Beth w/ Jadyn and Maddie
  • CK and Carlos w/ Patrick
  • Michael
  • Carol

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