Aged at a slow simmer since 1968!
"Every day I show up for my health
is another day of progress!"

--  Sheri Orlekoski
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Greetings and welcome!  You've stumbled across my personal space on our virtual world called the Internet. Perhaps you're a friend or perhaps a stranger, either way, feel free to wander around my site and see what you find.

Ares perched over the monitor "administrating" my actions.The site is first and foremost a place for me to have fun; to explore new and interesting things to do on the World Wide Web and a place to showcase my life and the adventure of living. I take a special pride in doing my site and continue to use it to immortalize those in my life who have made great impacts on who I am today.

The biggest reward anyone could get from using is simply ... discovering something about one's self. Life is an adventure and though it may seem like it's one you’d rather not take, especially when things get rough, there are always highlights and those usually make up for the drudgery we all face in our daily routine.

Enjoy the site,


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