All About Carl

facefade_smallI really am a pretty simple person. Well, simple in that I don’t let myself worry about much or get myself worked up over things I can’t control.

This page and the following pages will give you a bit more information about me…probably more than you wanted to know but it’s here for you to check out!

My autobiography (currently offline) is just a bit of a summary about me from as far back as I can remember and it’s really my chance to highlight those who have impacted my life the most and brought some of the best things into it.

Friends & Family

My friends and my family, which does include my cats, are … and always will be the most important thing in my life. Yeah they even beat out my computer, which I admit, can be a tough call on some occasions.

My family does know I am gay and with the exception of a few, are very accepting. My friends are a mix of everything. There isn’t one type of person or ‘click’ of persons whom I tend to gravitate to.

There’s lots more on my family and my friends in my autobiography (currently offline).

Likes & Favorites

Shoe Closet
Just a few shoes in the closet…

Well, as you probably are guessing, ‘my computer ranks as my top like. My second like and favorite are shoes! Yeah that’s right…I have over 150 pairs of shoes and it’s growing. Mostly athletic shoes such as Nike but some boots and odd ball items. I even have a pair of shoes that are worth close to a $1,000. I’m just one of those odd ball collectors, everyone has to have something odd in their life.

You can also call my love of the Internet a favorite. I really enjoy designing sites on the web, it is such a great resource on our planet where you can literally saturate every bit of knowledge and information you have ever wanted in such a simple way (perhaps not elegantly in some cases and sometimes it takes a bit to find but it works).

Pet Peeves & Dislikes

My Home (away from home) Office....For the most part I am a very trusting and understanding person. My biggest dislike has always been head games. I can’t stand them, tolerate or deal with them. My personal philosophy has and always will be, take a moment to understand a problem no matter how big (and even small). If you still don’t get it then take it on and understand it. Drama is the spice of life, the sooner you deal with it and conquer it … it no longer controls you.

Oh yeah … and let’s not forget rap music. Another pointless item placed on our planet.  Someday I hope that someone will explain the need for it but to date; no one has been able too.