A Day In History … TWICE!

The first time in history, right on the most significant government website, is the future … hope … that change for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons is ahead.  AND hope that our future as a people truly will be as a united race, one race. http://www.whitehouse.gov/agenda/civil_rights/ The first President in our history to put it right there on their official outlet – not hidden, not as a quick sideline but as their plan for the future (and yes, AFTER they’ve been elected….). It’s amazing and after all these years of being an activist (more so when I was younger), […]


Never heard of it? Neither had I but it’s the latest craze on the web. What is it? Well, it’s a nifty little tool that lets you write tiny little blurbs about your day, all day long. It works both on the site, over your phone or through little programs. I’m still debating it but it’s fun so far. It’s all about just knowing what is going on with you and your friends between calls, blog posts, emails and so on. I created me an account, I’m posting now and then … if anyone has one or wants to try […]

Amazon.com Cool Feature

I stumbled across a cool little feature on Amazon that everyone should check out. If you are a regular member, you’ll know about the wish lists you can create. Well, while trying to figure out how to mark some music I wanted, I stumbled across the coolest little thing they are offering. It’s called a “Universal Wish List“. In essence, you drag this little shortcut onto your browser’s toolbar and then go surfing. When you find something you just would love to have but you aren’t sure about spending the money … click the new little “Add to Wish List” […]

Donate Please…

Every year I donate to the Human Society and in times of crisis such as the flooding happening in Iowa (and other locations) I’ll add to my donation. This year I couldn’t do as much but I sent them a bit extra to help out the rescue efforts of people’s beloved pets. Take a moment and send them a donation, even if it is just $5. I always think of myself and how I’d fight to save my pets lives if something like this happened but I also think of people like my Mom who has two dogs and two […]

BBC News About America….

I’m sorry, America sucks when it comes to media coverage. I have gotten into a new habit of reading the news which I am slowly trying to stop myself from doing. Lately I have been reading the various papers online locally and across the nation. I might stop on one or two articles, the tomato problem was one and the other was about the toddler who was beaten to death. Then I ventured over to the BBC and found better written and far more relevant news, I was totally appalled at the dog who was killed by a street sweeper. […]

Six Months

I’m still here and still kicking.  It’s been awhile since I updated my site with new and fresh material but that’s not to say I haven’t been collecting it. Yet … that also doesn’t mean I’m going to be adding it over night. But who knows, I might get a wild hair and just sit here updating, its happened before. I will say that I am hoping to spend a bit more time on the site over the coming months and adding/updating areas. For one, my kittens which are now 1 year old needs some new pictures. The autobiography which […]

Forums Turn 1

Wow, it was exactly a year ago that I installed the forums on to my site.   Yeah I know they haven’t been the greatest new thing on the planet and I have yet to finish some of the goals I had planned for them but they do have some very interesting things hidden away in their depths. For all those who have been a part of the forums and continue to check in now and then, thanks. For those still debating, as you can see no one has been harmed or maimed in the process so we are still […]